Stress Relief Before Your Wedding

Preparing for a wedding, while incredibly exciting, can be a very stressful process. Not only are there a lot of emotions involved, but you also have to deal with the details of the actual wedding.

This means everything from narrowing down a guest list, to picking out what you’ll be wearing on the day of the wedding, and even looking through engagement rings from 77 Diamonds! Overall, there seem to be infinite factors involved, and the work is not done until the wedding is over. This is why a number of couples preparing for weddings explore different ways of decreasing stress.

One interesting way that some look to relieve stress is through ancient practices such as certain Buddhist teachings and yoga practices – in fact, you can even take up some of these practices while still keeping up a popular wedding theme of diamonds! The “Diamond Sutra” is an ancient Buddhist scripture said to offer a quick path to enlightenment, and in modern implementation can help people looking for relaxation to find it in a deep and profound way.

Having been translated over the course of literally thousands of years, always being adapted to new languages and eras, the Diamond Sutra‘s modern form resembles the traditional form of many other Buddhist texts. In that sense, it is essentially written as a conversation between a questioner and the Buddha, through which the Buddha expresses a teaching. But why is an ancient Buddhist teaching relevant to people looking to ease a bit of stress in preparation for a wedding? In this case, it is because the Diamond Sutra is aimed at perfecting wisdom and curing oneself of spiritual ignorance – and the process one goes through to meet these goals has a certain healing quality for the spirit that can be extremely relaxing and gratifying.

More specifically, the Diamond Sutra is based on a practice of six designated “perfections,” all of which are very relevant to the idea of starting a life with another person. They are as follows: charity, forbearance, morality, vigor, meditation, and wisdom. Within the pursuit of these perfections, there is a distinct focus within the Diamond Sutra on selflessness. Essentially, the ultimate goal is to use the practice to benefit others and enrich the spirits of the people around you before pursuing your own enlightenment (and of course, in doing so, you naturally progress toward that enlightenment). For someone unfamiliar with such practices, these concept may sound a bit foreign – but reading and practicing the text itself can quickly prove to be both relaxing and rewarding.

Ultimately, there are many different ways to pursue a bit of stress relief leading up to your wedding. However, if practices like these appeal, the Diamond Sutra may be worth looking into. Not only can it help you to achieve deep relaxation, but it also contains several themes relevant to beginning a lifelong partnership – and on top of that, it already has symbolic representation in the bride’s engagement ring!

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